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Canadian Chartered Bank Notes


Multi-Media Summary

An overview of Canada's primary banking system and banks between 1792 and 1943 as shown by its paper money issues. Canadian currency has many similarities to U.S. obsolete banknotes, not surprisingly as many Canadian notes were printed by American Banknote companies. This encompassing video includes a plethora of high quality gorgeous color images of a wide variety of Canadian chartered bank notes, including: - The Early Years (1792 - 1870) issues from four banks: Two in Montreal, one in Toronto and one in Quebec city - Bi-lingual notes - Obsolete Banks - Branch Banks - The "Golden Age" of Chartered Bank Notes (1870 - 1934) - Notes with images of railroads, Indians, trappers, ships, farms, royal crests & portraits - Elaborate backs - Double size notes - Brown and Blue backs - Western Bank Note Company of Chicago - American Bank Note Company - The Final Years (1934 - 1943) - Allegorical notes, similar to U.S. educational series - Other "stuff" to collect Speaker(s): Wendell Wolka.
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