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Counterstamped Stone Mountain Half-Dollars


Multi-Media Summary

Stone Mountain half-dollars were struck in 1925. The S.M. Confederate Monumental Association counter-stamped southern state names and serial numbers on some of these coins: however, no records have been found concerning the number of these alterations. Adna has assembled the most complete listing of the known pieces. He tells the story of these coins and how they came to be issued. Clear images of the coins and counter-stamps are included. Some of Mr. Wilde's discoveries are: - The story of Stone Mountain and the carving - The story of the coins, including records of transfers and numbered issue envelops - Some of the famous people who received numbered coins - including the Governors of all the Southern States - "Miss 8" counter-stamps - The mystery of the SL and GL stamp - Texas over-stamps, counterfeit or real? - What a counterfeit looks like - Total number of counter-stamps known - How to authenticate by looking at the stamp itself - What is the highest number on a counter-stamp - UVCs and where do they come from - "N" "K" "T" counter-stamps - What to look for in the type - Results of the most recent auction of counter-stamped Stone Mountain coins Speaker(s): Adna G. Wilde, Jr.
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