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Crime of 1873: The Comstock Connection


Multi-Media Summary

Evidence first presented as part of a new book by Bob tells the story of secret payments made to treasury agent, Henry R. Linderman by California banker, from William C. Ralston to secure key provisions of the coinage act of 1873 - the true crime of 1873. The controversial coinage act led to the creation of the U.S. Trade dollar, spawned the free silver movement and was tied to the release of the Morgan silver dollar. This fascinating story includes: - The beginnings at the Democratic convention in Chicago - Explanations of the silver and monetary standards - Bryant's campaign based on the Free Silver movement - Various theories/ myths concerning the crime - 1873 Trade dollar - Lindermann's secret correspondences - Ralston's mysterious death - The financial collapse caused by adherence to the Gold Standard Speaker(s): Robert Van Ryzin.
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