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Dahlonega's Gold Mines


Multi-Media Summary

Ms. Amerson focuses on the discovery of gold in North Georgia in 1828 and how the ensuing gold rush impacted the development of the area. She relates colorful stories about some of the historic mines and the miners who worked them. Information includes: - What Dahlonega means - Years of America's Gold Rushes and where they occurred - The story of the first gold discovery at Dahlonega - Other mines and their stories, such as Calhoun Consolidated, Pettycoat, Free Jim, Pidgeon's Roost and Chastity - The different ways gold can be mined - How ore was crushed - The advent of hydraulic mining - The affect of the Civil War on mining - The first hydroelectric plant - Efforts to revive mining in the twentieth century - How Dahlonega gold was used to gild the Georgia state capitol - Information about the museum and the town Speaker(s): Anne Amerson.
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