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Alexander as Herakles


Multi-Media Summary

Silver coins of Alexander the Great depict Herakles; historic and numismatic evidence reveals that these coins do indeed portray the young Macedonian king. In this video with slides you will see and learn: * The paradigm shift in numismatics regarding the image of people on ancient coins * How aesthetics, history and art history overlap in the study of coins * Examples of early Greek coins with kings' names * Coinage of Tissaphernes, Satrap of Persia, 445-395 BC * Philip II as Zeus * Perdikkas III, brother of Philip II * Antyntas III, father of Philip II * The history of Macedonia and its royal family * Differences between Hellenistic and Classical Excellent video about early Greek coins with revealing information about the images and portraiture. Speaker(s): Michael E. Marottta.
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