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Bar Kochba Hoard, Ancient Weights, & Restoring


Multi-Media Summary

Author of the standard reference book for this series, David features recent discoveries and topics of current interest in the field of Biblical and ancient Jewish coins. In this video with slides you will see and learn about: * The earliest documented coin collection from 150 AD * Fake and forgeries of Biblical coins * Story of the Bar Kochba revolt told through the discovery of coin hoards * A collection of 19 coins discovered in a Herodian lamp that included Roman aureii and denarii as well as Bar Kochba coins * Compelling evidence that these coins were actually a collection rather than a savings * How and why the metals electrum, silver and bronze became stores of wealth * Examples of weight scales made of hematite and bronze rings * Bronze Age earrings used as a store of wealth as in the golden calf of Aaron in the Bible * Examples of restoration of Biblical coins and why preservation is so important Speaker(s): David Hendin.
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