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English Coins after the Conquest


Multi-Media Summary

Conspiracy, intrigue, usurpation civil war-even murder, perhaps. These are the hallmarks of the two centuries following Norman Conquest of England in 1066; succession by second sons, by claimants who did not have the best or most legitimate claim, territories lost and regained. In this video with slides you will see and learn about: * How Edward the Confessor, Harold II, and William all played a role in the Norman conquest of England in 1066 * William II who followed in 1087 and later died mysteriously * The deterioration of coinage under Henry I * Stephen's rule and the warfare that resulted * A hoard of Henry II coinage found and the story of his stormy marriage to Eleanor * Richard the Lion Hearted and how John ruled while he was away * How and why coins were clipped on the edges * Who signed the Magna Cart in 1215 and why * Henry III and Edward I * How the Christian cross was used on coinage to prevent damage A video with great images of England's rulers showed on actual coinage of the day. A great presentation for anyone interested in numismatics and history. Speaker(s): Arthur M. Fitts III.
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