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Hogge Money of Somers' Islands


Multi-Media Summary

An examination of the Somers' Isles Hogge Money revealing when it was issued, its intended purpose in the mercantile colony, when and why it ceased circulating, and what happened to all of the cons after it failed as a medium of exchange. This program also features an overview of die varieties and pairings, as well as a look at the first potential evidence that these coins circulated in America. In this video you will see and learn about: * The mysterious history of these coins * Facts that are known about planchet composition, annealing and tin dipping * Legends of the islands and tales of shipwrecks * The intended uses of the coins and how they were ridiculed when introduced in 1616 * The story of the despotic governor of the islands Dan Tucker and how he was finally removed * Theories whether Hogge money ever circulated in the Colonies * How a small hoard of coins discovered on Castle Island added much needed information An informative video about one of the New World's most intriguing tokens. Speaker(s): Mark A. Sportack.
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