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Introduction to Early Large Cents


Multi-Media Summary

In the mid-19th century, early cents began to inspire generations of numismatists with individuality, personality and allure. If you love coins but are disillusioned by their commoditization, rekindle the romance with the early copper coinage that has seduced so many. This video will introduce collectors to the special challenges and rewards of collecting early large cents, from lore to literature, to grading and attribution. You will see and learn about: * Strategies for collecting including terms and concepts * Stories of William H. Sheldon * Why the minting process was so important * The plethora of varieties and the essentials of literature * Why mint-state is not the focus and the different meanings of condition census * The importance of pedigree * Joseph Mickley and his pursuit of the 1799 large cent * The Cogan Auction Sale of 1862 * Cataloguers of large cents including Edward Maris, Edouaard Frossard, W.W. Hays, William Sheldon, and Bill Noyes * How grading is different for large cents This video will capture you with its great delivery and important Information. Speaker(s): John Warshawsky.
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