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My Years with the New York Times


Multi-Media Summary

Few publications in the world enjoy as much stature and influence as the New York Times. For nearly 10 years, Ed used this bully pulpit to report on events in the realm of coins, analyze trends and promote the hobby's interests through his weekly numismatics column. Ed retraces his journey through the pages of America's most prestigious newspaper. In this lecture only video you will learn about: * How Ed worked at the New York Times for 10 years, 1979-1989 * Why the Times became interested in Ed and his writing * His first article on July 1, 1979 about the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and the controversy over the image * The challenge of the title of the column and its content * Coverage of the Garrett Collection Auction and the record prices realized * Deadlines for stories and how they were communicated to the paper * Criticism for obscene articles * Championing the cause for coinage redesign * The strained relations with the U.S. Mint * First strike ceremonies and why Ed felt obligated to attend * His support of sculptor Alex Shagin * The story of the final column * The decision to write a book and the process involved This is a story only Ed could tell and this is the video where you can hear it. Speaker(s): Ed Reiter.
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