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Effects of World's Great Inflations on Coinage


Multi-Media Summary

Throughout the centuries, inflation has destroyed currencies and caused the disappearance of many coins, from the Byzantine follic to the Carolingian silver penny. Mr. Kleeberg, curator of modern coins and currency for the American Numismatic Society (ANS), surveys the field of modern coinage (i.e., post-1552), showing how coins and paper money re?ect the great inflations of the period, including: the German "Kipper and Wipperzeit" of 1619-1623; the inflation during the Seven Years Wars under Frederick the Great; the inflation in North America under the Continental Currency; the assignats in France; the troubles with paper money in the 19th-century Austria; and the hyperinflations in Germany in 1923 and in Hungary in 1946. Lecture with slides. Speaker(s): John M. Kleeberg.
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