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Designer Currency


Multi-Media Summary

An artist known as an "artismatist," Tim Prusmack has created a name for himself by recreating and creating designs of bank notes. This presentation focuses on some of his meticulously reproduced classic pieces of paper money as well as some of his own fantasy creations. In this video you will see and learn about: * The concept of the "artismatist" * How his style was created and he came up with the idea of reproducing currency * Examples of large size notes he has designed including the Educational series, $5 Indian Chief, $50 Ben Franklin, California Gold Note, 1923 $5 Lincoln Porthole, and more * Examples of bank notes of the world * Examples of U.S. small size notes including $5000 & $10,000 * Designer errors and fantasy notes This video will inspire any artist or creative person that the hobby has much to offer! Speaker(s): Tim Prusmack.
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