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50 Years of Collecting and Communicating


Multi-Media Summary

Chet Krause, founder of Krause Publications and his long-time associate Cliff Mishler explore the influences and parallels which caused the coin collecting hobby to boom and prosper from the early 1930's into the 21st century. Chet begins by telling us about: * The history and beginning of Numismatic News on the kitchen table in his parents home * The creation of coin albums, 2x2's and other coin supply stories * What factors contributed to the growth of the coin hobby * The roll and bag market in the 1950's & 60's * When Cliff Mishler was hired and other people who worked at Krause including Ed Rochette, Doug Watson, and others * When mintmarks were removed from coins and he helped bring about their return * Other tales about Eva Adams, Frank Gasparro, Gilroy Roberts, and many more Cliff tells us about how: * The company expanded in the 1970's into world coins and antique cars * A tract of 20 acres was purchased in 1975 outside of Iola, Wisconsin, for a new building as more publications were acquired * From 1978-80 David Harper joined the staff, gold and silver bullion boomed in price, and the publication Bank Note Reporter was purchased, and Krause got its own zip code * Bob Watson and Bob Lemke got the company to start a baseball card publication * Factors in the Krause story include the GSA Carson City silver dollars, Alan Herbert, Chet's retirement, Cliff's presidency, theories of collecting and the future of the hobby Speaker(s): Chester L. Krause & Clifford Mishler.
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