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Coingate: The Untold Story of the Ohio Rare Coin Fund Scandal


Multi-Media Summary

"Coin World" editor Beth Deisher is one of the best- informed observers of the U.S. coin market. This time she turns her attention to the headline grabbing Ohio Coin Fund Scandal. Who was involved? What happened to the $50+ million investment? How did the liquidation of these coins impact the market? Get the answers in Beth Deisher's fact-filled program. This lecture only presentation includes: * how Beth was called by Tom Noe and informed about a breaking news story in the Toledo Blade newspaper about Tom and his business * Noe's political background with the state of Ohio * difficulty of getting information about the rare coin fund from the government * the confiscation of Noe's records and files by Federal officials from his coin shop * details of the agreement that created of the Ohio Rare Coin Fund * companies and coin dealers involved * how during the trial it was revealed that records had been falsified, phony invoices created, and inventories fabricated * Noe's conviction of 25 felonies and 4 misdemeanors that lead to his sentencing to 18 years in prison * comparison of the performance of the other investment funds for the state of Ohio * that the story is still unfolding Speaker(s): Beth Deisher.
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