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Abe Kosoff: Dean of Numismatics


Book Summary

This volume by Q. David Bowers provides a comprehensive biography of Abe Kosoff, a prominent American numismatist who made significant contributions to the coin collecting community. The book is divided into eight chapters that cover Kosoff's life and career, including his upbringing, early career, and founding of several coin companies.

In the first chapter, Bowers provides an overview of Kosoff's family history and upbringing. Kosoff was born in Russia in 1913 and immigrated to the United States in 1918. Bowers describes Kosoff's early years in New York City and his love for collecting coins and stamps. He also discusses Kosoff's early career, which included working for several coin dealers and eventually founding his own company, Numismatic Gallery.

The second chapter focuses on Kosoff's founding of Numismatic Gallery in 1935. Bowers describes how Kosoff used his knowledge and connections in the coin collecting community to build a successful business. He also discusses some of the notable coins that Kosoff sold through Numismatic Gallery, including the 1913 Liberty Head nickel.

The third chapter covers Kosoff's role in the coin market during World War II. Bowers explains how Kosoff's business suffered during the war but how he continued to collect and sell coins to fellow collectors. He also describes how Kosoff's experience during the war led him to become involved in fundraising for Jewish causes.

The fourth chapter discusses Kosoff's founding of Abner Kreisberg Corporation in 1948. Bowers explains how Kosoff partnered with Abner Kreisberg to create a new coin company that focused on rare and high-quality coins. He also describes how Kosoff and Kreisberg worked together to build a successful business that became known for its integrity and expertise.

The fifth chapter covers Kosoff's contributions to the American Numismatic Association (ANA). Bowers describes how Kosoff was an active member of the ANA and served as its president from 1955 to 1959. He also discusses some of the programs and initiatives that Kosoff implemented during his tenure as president.

The sixth chapter focuses on Kosoff's later years and his contributions to the coin collecting community. Bowers describes how Kosoff continued to be involved in the coin market even after retiring from Abner Kreisberg Corporation. He also discusses some of Kosoff's charitable contributions and his efforts to promote the study and appreciation of coins.

The seventh chapter provides a detailed analysis of some of the coins that Kosoff sold during his career. Bowers discusses several notable coins, including the 1913 Liberty Head nickel and the 1804 silver dollar. He also explains how Kosoff's expertise and knowledge of the coin market helped him to identify and acquire rare coins.

The final chapter of the book provides a summary of Kosoff's life and career. Bowers discusses how Kosoff's contributions to the coin collecting community helped to shape the industry and inspire future collectors and numismatists. He also reflects on Kosoff's legacy and influence on the hobby of coin collecting.
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