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Fractional Currency


Multi-Media Summary

When the Civil War broke out in 1861 the outcome of the conflict was uncertain. Hard money in the form of coins in all metals disappeared from circulation. People hoarded whatever money they could to see which side would be the victor. Mark Baskin is a serious collector of fractional currency which was first issued during this time. In this video with slides you will see see and learn: * the financial conditions when the war broke out * postage stamps were first used to alleviate the coin shortage * first fractional notes that looked like stamps * what to look for in the perforated issues * the different companies that printed fractional notes * why centering is so important * problems with counterfeiting * the five different issues that were printed * examples of fiber paper, surcharges, overprints, and how to tell the rarities * the diversity of the third issue and the first 3-cent note * how to determine a gem note * Spencer Clark's appearance on a 5-cent note and the controversary it caused * the effects of acid erosion and how it hurts notes * the 15-cent note of the 4th issue * examples of the most popular notes including specimens and what to look * how to value multiple panes Speaker(s): Mark Baskin.
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