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The Paper Money of Louisiana and Puerto Rico during the Late 18th Century


Multi-Media Summary

While researching in the General Archive of the Indies for the elusive 1766 paper money of Puerto Rico, Angel O. Navarro Zayas uncovered previously unreported paper money of Louisiana and Puerto Rico during the late 18th century. The findings have been published in the Journal Documenta & Instrumenta (2014), The Numismatist (2018), and Journal of Early American Numismatics (2019). Presenting: Angel O. Navarro Zayas, who is a numismatist and Puerto Rican historian, for 15 years. In 2005, he participated in ANA Summer Seminar, with Mr. John Kraljevich and Mr. Charlie Davis as mentors. He has published at The Numismatist (ANA), at the Journal of Early American Numismatics (ANS), Numiexpo Magazine published annually by the Puertorican Numismatic Society; at the Documenta & Instrumenta Journal published by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid; he has also published columns at the major newspaper in Puerto Rico El Nuevo Dia. He also has published numerous books on Puerto Rican numismatics at Lulu Press. The article "Spanish Colonial Paper Money in Puerto Rico and New Orleans," which appeared in the 2018 volume of The Numismatist, was selected by a panel of judges to receive the third-place Catherine Sheehan Literary Award for U.S. Paper Money Studies. Also on May, 2020 he received the honor of being the first Puertorican and Hispanic to receive the EPNNES research grant - Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (EPNNES) 2020 Newman Grant Recipient. He is the proud father of Lucas Mateo (6 years) and Matias Manuel (3 years) and husband to Pilar Cristina. This presentation was part of the 2020 Newman Numismatic Portal Sympsosium, held virtually, August 28-30, 2020.
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