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Abe Lincoln and... the US Treasury Girls + the Legal Tender Act + the 3 New Mints out West + "Hiring Hugh"


Multi-Media Summary

Learn about some of the lesser known numismatically related happenings of Abe Lincoln's tenure, such as his views on hiring women in the US Treasury (under Francis Spinner) when the Legal Tender Act of 1862 okayed "Greenbacks." Rush will also discuss his approval of the mints at Denver, Carson City, and little-known mint at The Dalles, Oregon during the War. He also hired Hugh McCulloch to implement the National Bank Act of 1863. Together, these tales paint a new picture of the 1860s and this ubiquitous president. Presented at the Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium, a virtual event conducted October 15-17, 2021. See for further information. Speaker: Rebecca Rush.
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