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The First Medals of America


Book Summary

From the Foreword, by Neil Musante:

Coming into the present day, Comitia Americana and Related Medals, by John W. Adams and Anne E. Bentley, published by George Frederick Kolbe in 2007, is the one essential item! No collector of this series should be without it. If you combine it with the Stack’s Bowers catalog of The John W. Adams Collection, brilliantly written by John Kraljevich, you have the beginning, middle and end on the subject as it pertains to the original strikes.

Now, with the publication of Peter Jones’s wonderful book on the subject that includes, for the first time, numismatic information on the various restrikes, electrotypes and copies one completes the Pentateuch (Loubat, Betts, Adams/Bentley, Kraljevich, Jones). Peter is English and offers a really fun perspective on the subject. I enjoyed reading his work and learned a great deal from it. I can only say thanks to Peter for writing such an erudite, fun and concise guide to these medals. His perspective is brilliant and I will refer back to this book at least as often as I do to the others!

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