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Nyholm, Douglas

(b.  10/2/1952 )

Married to Jan with two daughters.  Employed in the IT industry. Employed with Heritage in 2006.

Author of Mormon Currency, 1837-1937 (1st edition 2010, 2nd edition 2015), named by the Numismatic Literary Guild as the Best Book on U.S. Currency for 2010.


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    Mormon Currency, 1837-1937 2015

    Mormon Currency, 1837-1937

    This comprehensive catalog of Mormon numismatics begins with the 1837 Joseph Smith-signed notes of the Kirtland (OH) Safety Society Bank. Interestingly, the Smith signature is desirable even though many examples are thought to have been signed by Smith’s “scribes” and not Smith personally. Notes are also signed by other Mormon church dignitaries. Mormon paper money follows the migration of the church from east to west, including bank notes of Monroe, MI and scrip from Nauvoo, IL. From here the author moves to the more well-known gold coinage of the Gold Rush era. To complement the gold pieces, a host of scrip and small-denomination currency continued to be issued. This portion of the catalog is the most valuable contribution of the book, illustrating and detailing hundreds of emissions. The overall work is indispensable for collectors of Mormon numismatics, and will be the standard reference for some time. The Numismatic Literary Guild named this work the Best Book on U.S. Currency for 2010.

    2nd edition, 2015. See also Nyholm companion volumes, Updates & Short Stories on Mormon Currency (2018),

    Updates & Short Stories About Mormon Currency 2018

    Updates & Short Stories About Mormon Currency

    Supplementary material to Douglas A. Nyholm's Mormon Currency, 1837-1937 (

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