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An abbreviation, for the sake of convenience, of Ortsthaler, and used to designate the one fourth Speeiesthaler com- mon to many of the German States in the seventeenth century and later. The cur- tailed form must have been officially recog- nized, as in the Swedish series, under Christina, the Ryksort or Riksort occurs, struck for Stettin, of the value of one quar- ter Rixdaler, and in Brandenburg, Gottin- gen. Brunswiek-Luneburg, etc., there is the Reichsort, with divisions of halves and quarters.

The one quarter Ort is also called Acht- zehner, i.e., one eighteenth, as this coin was equal to eighteen Pfennige or the one six teenth pari of the Thaler of twenty-four Groschen, or two hundred and eighty-eight Pfennige. See Oord and Oertchen.

See Also: Ort
Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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