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Jamis Kori

The standard of the currency of Cutch and Kathiawar; it is a small silver coin of the average value of four Annas or one fourth of the Rupee.

Codrington, in the Numismatic Chron- icle , 1895 (p. 59) has described these coins and gives the following table: Silver Panchia equal to five Koris. Copper Dhabu equal to one eighth Kori. Copper Dhingalo equal to one sixteenth Kori. Copper Dokdo equal to one twenty-fourth Kori. Copper Tanblyo equal to one forty-eighth Kori. and the Adhada, probably a money of ac- count, equal to one ninety-sixth Kori.

He further cites their equivalents in the Indian series, stating that 8 Korie equal 1 silver Rial. 3 Koris equal 1 Hyderabad Rupee. 4 Koris equal 1 Tutta Rupee. 3 3/4 Koris and 1 Dokdo equal 1 Surat Rupee. 18 Koris equal 1 Ibramee,

The varieties of Koris for Kathiawar are sometimes known as Jamis Kori, from Sri Jamji, the Rao's name; while those for Porbandar are termed Rana Shahi Koris, from Sri Rana, the name upon them.

Codrington (supra) traces the name Kori from the Sanscrit Kunwari.

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Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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