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Tallero di San Biagio

A silver coin of Ragnsa of the value of sixty Grossetti. They were first issued in 1725 with the inscription dvcat et sem. reip.rhac, i.e., dvcatus et semis, meaning one and one half of the silver Ducato. The original type had on the obverse the bust of St. Blasius, the patron saint; this was followed in 1743 by the bust of the rector, i.e., the head of the Republic. This design was retained until 1779 with slight variations.

The first type was known as the St. Blasius Thaler, the Tallero di San Biagio, and the Vislino, the latter being the name of the saint in Servian. The second variety was called the Ragusino and the Bektorsthaler, or Tallero Rettoralo. For a detailed account of all these varieties see Resetar, in the Monatsblatt der Num. Gesell. in Wien (viii. pp. 203-205).

See Also: Vislino
Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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