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Mint Set

Mint Set.  A group of related coins, usually of different denominations of the same issue, packaged and sold by the mint that manufactured them or their sales agency. The packaging takes on a certain cachet that makes such set an official issue. The coins, any number from two upwards, are usually uniform as to finish or condition, most often of mint state (uncirculated). Thus mint sets differ from proof sets (see proof surface), and from assembled sets which can be the same issue coins but brought together at a later time. The coins in mint sets are usually of uniform toning in contrast to those in assembled sets (it is said that coins in assembled sets have not “traveled the same road together” and therefore may possibly have different toned surfaces).

There are a number of mint set terms, these are:

Special mint set, select mint set or specimen set. Coins for inclusion in the set are better than mint run specimens, care has been taken in selecting the best specimens available. Or some care may be given to either or both dies and blanks. “Specimen set” was used by the Canadian Mint.

Souvenir mint set.  A set issued by a mint which contains one or more special commemorative or souvenir coins in addition to regular issued coins.

Uncirculated mint set.  Mint run coins sold by the mint or an assembled set, theonly difference may be in the packaging.

A year set is not a mint set but is an ASSEMBLED SET which may or may not be privately packaged.


excerpted with permission from

An Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology

For Artists, Makers, Collectors and Curators


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