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Restrike.  A numismatic item struck from original dies but at a later time than the original issue – coins struck in a year later than the date they bear, medals struck after an interval of time and regular issuing has ceased. Restrikes are often by dies in deteriorated state, usually (but not always) the restriking is unauthorized and mostly surreptitious.

A restrike denotes the use of at least one original die; if a replacement or copy die is used (of the exact same designs but not made from the original hub or model) it is termed a novedel. The term restrike is not to be confused with reissue (which implies a proper authorization for use of the old dies) nor with revision (which implies the use of new copy dies or reworked old dies).

Restriking from old dies present several problems: rusting in the dies if improperly stored (dies will pit irregularly) and brittleness of the dies (may cause cracking, breaking or shattering of a die). Also old dies may exhibit a degree of sinking. Pressmen must exercise great care during setup and striking to prevent breaking old dies.  See copies and replicas.

The Paris Mint has restruck old dies for a series it calls "original dies" through their Le Club Francais de Medaille. Dies as early as mid 1600s have been struck side-by-side in soft tin rectangular plates. Each piece is serially numbered in a series limited to 300 such strikes. The soft tin is capable of obtaining an impression from the old and brittle dies, however, the tin is not a medium for creating permanent specimens. The tin is so soft a fingernail will dent it deeply; extreme care must be exercised in handling these pieces as anything heavier than a paper clip dropped on them – or dropping the item itself – will damage it extensively.

The French word for restrike is refrappe.


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excerpted with permission from

An Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology

For Artists, Makers, Collectors and Curators


Roger W. Burdette, Editor

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