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Stiacciato.  Italian word for very low relief, as coin relief, which can be struck with one blow of a coining press. There is very low height to the relief on the model and, obviously, no undercuts. The depth of relief for coin models is very critical and kept to close restrictions for several reasons, both technical and to increase the wearing of the struck coins as they circulate. Stiacciato models are intended for dies to be used in high-speed coining presses, thus must be able to strike and withdraw quickly with minimal displacement of surface metal in the struck piece.  See relief.

In English text stiacciato should always be italicized indicating its status as a foreign word. There is no exact equivalent for this word in English.

excerpted with permission from

An Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology

For Artists, Makers, Collectors and Curators


Roger W. Burdette, Editor

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