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Ingot.  (1) A flat slab of coined metal generally 1 x 2 inches with a design. A quantity of such ingots were issued in America in the 1970s and later; these had designs of public interest or as collectors' items. Their weight was fixed at one ounce (or 1,000 grains), and were considered a bullion item. But avid collectors call these art bars. They were also created in a larger size, the same as current paper money. These were called currency bars and replicated denominations up to $1,000. The survival ratio of these ingots are not as high as coins and medals. Many of these fell victim as a fad as most such ingots were melted for their metal content. Great quantities were indeed melted during the great silver melt of 1980.


excerpted with permission from

An Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology

For Artists, Makers, Collectors and Curators


Roger W. Burdette, Editor

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