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Early Paper Money of America / Continental Currency / 1775 November 29

$3,000,000 in Continental Currency payable in Spanish milled Dollars was authorized on Nov. 29, 1775. An additional $10,000 was approved on Jan. 5, 1776 to exchange for worn bills. The same style as the previous issue except that the denomination is placed under the emblem instead of at the end of the text. The Dec. 11, 1775 Resolution required the numbering to be different from the previous emission so all bills were numbered in bright red ink. Sheets for counterfeit detection were issued on blue paper. Signers, emblems, mottoes, and nature prints are subsequently included in this section.

$1 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$2 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$3 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$4 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$5 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$6 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$7 [83,611] ▷DT◁
$8 [83,611] ▷DT◁

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