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Early Paper Money of America / Continental Currency / 1778 September 26

$75,001,080 in Continental Currency was authorized by nine separate Resolutions passed between Sept. 26, 1778 and July 17, 1779, a large portion being authorized and issued simultaneously with the Jan. 14, 1779 issue. The new $50 and $60 denominations have new emblems designed by Francis Hopkinson and new border cuts. New back designs were prepared by the nature printing process consisting of miniature archery items on a cloth background. Similar in style to the previous issue, but with different typeset ornaments on the back borders. These bills passed at about 22% of stated specie value when first issued. Counterfeit detector sheets are on blue paper. Signers, emblems, mottoes, and nature prints are subsequently included in this section.

$5 Undersized S in motto [340,914] ▷DT◁
$7 [340,914] ▷DT◁
$8 [340,914] ▷DT◁
$20 [340,914] ▷DT◁
$30 [340,914] ▷DT◁
$40 [340,914] ▷DT◁ ▷CF◁
$50 [340,914] ▷DT◁ ▷CF◁
$60 Lower part of p in passed soon was bent and then broke off [340,914] ▷DT◁ ▷CF◁

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