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Early Paper Money of America / Rhode Island / 1715 July 5, redated 1721

£40,000 in Bills of Credit loaned pursuant to the May 1721 Act for five years with interest payable in flax and hemp. Known as the Second Bank. These loans were first extended by the Dec. 29, 1724 Act to 10 years; then by the June 1728 Act to a 23 year duration which latter Act was repealed on Dec. 24, 1729. Printed from the same plates as the previous issue with "1721" added on the face without disturbing the prior date. Because of counterfeits of this and the prior issue all 40s and £5 bills were called by May 1, 1727 pursuant to the June 1726 Act. Signers were Nathaniel Coddington, William Coddington, Robert Gardner, Jonathan Nichols, Edward Thurston, and John Wanton.
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