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Early Paper Money of America / New Jersey / 1733 March 25

£25,000 (£20,000 plus £5,000 to exchange for worn bills) was issued in Proclamation money (£29,166 13s 4d circulating value) authorized by the Act of July 8, 1730 subject to Royal approval, which was granted on May 4, 1732. Legal tender "between man and man" until Mar. 25, 1749 and invalid after Sept. 25, 1749. Issued for mortgage loans and known as the "Second Bank." The weight in silver plate was the same as in prior issues. Arms bear the mottoes DIEU ET MON DROIT (God and my right) and HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (Evil to him who evil thinks). Arms were cut by John Peter Zenger, Bishop Roberts and Thomas Leech while, borders and suns were cut by Thomas Leech. The notes were printed by Andrew Bradford in black and red, numbered in red ink and contained blank backs. Signers were Andrew Johnston, Michael Kearny, Caleb Raper, and Richard Smith. Alternates were Samuel Bickley and John Stevens.

1s (2 dwt., 22 gr.) [16,250] Extremely Fine $17,250 Stack’s May, 2004 
1s6d (4 dwt., 9 gr) [12,500]
3s (8 dwt., 18 gr.) [10,000]
6s (17 dwt., 12 gr.) [7,500]
12s (1 oz., 15 dwt.) [7,500] ▷CF◁
15s (2 oz., 3 dwt., 18 gr.) [5,000] ▷CF◁
30s (4 oz., 17 dwt., 12 gr.) [2,500]
£3 (8 oz., 15 dwt.) [1,250]
£6 (17 oz., 10 dwt.) [625]

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