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Early Paper Money of America / New Jersey / 1746 July 2

£16,000 (£10,000 for military expense plus £6,000 to exchange for worn bills) was authorized by the Act of June 28, 1746, legal tender as "Money of America" until Mar. 25, 1753 and invalid after Sept. 25, 1753. The weight equivalent in silver is the same as provided in plate for prior issues. Printed by Benjamin Franklin. The face of the 30s is printed in red. The faces of the £3 and £6 are printed in red and black. The back contains a nature printed sage leaf. Signers were John Allen, William Burnett, Isaac Decow, Samuel Nevill, Samuel Smith, and Stephen Williams. Denomination numerals and words on this and most subsequent New Jersey bills are also represented by symbols to aid in recognition and to determine alteration. The symbol for 3s bills is a crescent moon in brackets and is known on the June 22, 1756 issue. The symbol for 6s is one prominent large dot in brackets, representing the Spanish Dollar, which was the weight equivalent amount in Proclamation Money. The symbol for 12s is two prominent large dots in brackets, representing two Spanish Dollars, which was the equivalent amount in Proclamation Money. The symbol for 15s is three Crowns, a Crown being the common name for a 5s English Sterling coin. The symbols for a 30s are (a) two touching ornamental quadrants of a circle, one above the other, with a straight right side; (b) a large one-piece semi-circle showing half the face of a sun with a straight left side; (c) six crowns or (d) a combination of two of the aforementioned symbols. The symbols for the £3 are (a) a large sun sometimes split almost vertically in two pieces and containing an erroneous legend NEW JERSEY SIX POUND or (b) a small sun with a full face with no legend. The symbol for £6 is two small suns, each with a full face and no legend. The erroneous word SIX in the legend of the £3 symbol was apparently deliberately blurred on some issues, indicating the error may have been noticed. The counterfeit of the £3 of December 31, 1763 issue corrected the error by inserting III instead of SIX in the symbol. Note: See the original drawing of symbols under Alterations in the Introduction.

1s Plate letters A & B [10,400]
1s6d Plate letter A [8,000]
3s Plate letter A [6,400]
6s Plate letter A [4,800] ▷CF◁
12s Plate letter A [4,800]
15s Plate letter A [3,200] ▷CF◁ Good $4,312 Stack’s May, 2004 
30s Plate letter A [1,600]
£3 [800] Fair $1,840 Stack’s May, 2004 
£6 [400}

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