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Early Paper Money of America / New Jersey / 1756 June 22

£17,500 as the Fourth War Issue of Bills of Credit and £3,500 to replace worn bills was authorized on June 2, 1756, to be legal tender until June 22, 1761 and to be invalid after Dec. 22, 1761. The weight equivalent in silver is the same as provided for prior issues. See July 2, 1746 issue for denominational symbols. The faces of the 15s and under are in black and of the others are in red and black. Sage leaf backs in black except the £6, which is in green. Printed by James Parker. Signers were William Burnett, Hugh Hartshorne, Joseph Hollinshead, A Johnston, Joseph Smith, and John Smyth.

1s Plate letters A, B & C [9,750]
18d Plate letters A & B [7,500]
3s Plate letters A & B [6,000]
6s Plate letters A & B [5,000]
12s Plate letters A, B & C [5,500] ▷CF◁
15s Plate letters A & B [5,000]
30s Plate letters A, B, C & D [2,000]
£3 late letters A & B [1,250]
£6 [625]

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