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Early Paper Money of America / New Jersey / 1776 February 20

£30,000 in Proclamation Money authorized by Ordinance of the Provincial Congress on Oct. 28, 1775 and redeemable by Dec. 21, 1786. The issue was not printed by Feb. 20, 1776 when the amount was increased to £50,000 5s and the redemption date extended to Dec. 21, 1791, and became invalid after June 21, 1792. Made legal tender on Sept. 20, 1776. The weight in silver is no longer specified. See July 2, 1746 issue for denominational symbols. The faces are in red and black. The back contains an engraved cut of a leaf rather than a nature print. Printed by Isaac Collins at Burlington on mica flaked paper watermarked NEW JERSEY. Some notes signed by Hart and How were plundered in a military raid, circulated before the third signature (Samuel Tucker) was added, and were therefore invalid. Signers were:

For East Jersey:
Hendrick Fisher
Azariah Dunham
John Dennis (as East Jersey Treasurer)
John Covenhoven (as an alternate)

For West Jersey:
Samuel How
John Hart (signer of the Declaration of Independence)
Samuel Tucker (as West Jersey Treasurer)
Joseph Hugg (as an alternate) (no bills are known to have been signed)

6s [5,000]
15s [6,667]
30s Plate letters A & B [10,000]
£3 Plate letters A & B [9,500]

See also: Ray Williams, "The Signers of the 1776 New Jersey Bills," The C4 Newsletter, Vol. 23, No. 3, Fall 2015, pp. 34-38.

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