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Early Paper Money of America / New Jersey / 1786

£100,000 in Loan Office Bills of Credit was authorized on May 17, 1786 as legal tender until Dec. 5, 1798 and invalid after June 5, 1799. Legal tender was reaffirmed by the Nov. 3, 1786 Act. See July 2, 1746 issue for denominational symbols. Printed by Isaac Collins with the faces in red and black and the backs in black. The stem of the sage leaf nature print is opposite the right side of the face and contains SIC which apparently is an abbreviation of "Sculpsit Isaac Collins." The paper is watermarked NEW JERSEY. James Trenchard cut the engraved portions. Signers were Maskell Ewing, Moore Furman, Benjamin Smith, and Benjamin Van Cleve, with James Ewing as an alternate.

1s Plate letters A, B & C [50,000]
3s Plate letters A, B, C & D [40,000]
6s Plate letter A. Bees [17,500]
6s Without plate letter. Bees [17,500]
12s Plate letters A & B [35,000]
15s [20,000]
30s [10,000]
£3 Bees on back [5,000]
£6 [2,500]

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