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Early Paper Money of America / Rhode Island / 1715 July 5 and 1726 June 14, both redated 1728

£49,000 (£40,000, £3,000, £2,000 £3,000 and £1,000) in indented Bills of Credit issued pursuant to Feb. 1727/28, May 1728, June 1728 and Feb. 1730/31 Acts for replacement of all prior issues, for re-loaning as the Third Bank, and for repair of Fort Ann. Silver was then valued at 18s per ounce. The six lowest denominations are from the same two sets of plates used for the 1726 re-dating and the others from the new face and back plates prepared for the June 14, 1726 issue. The date "1728" was added to the faceplates without disturbing prior dates. Printed by Samuel Vernon. James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin, had moved his printing business from Boston to Newport and appealed on May 2, 1728 to the Rhode Island Assembly for the currency printing contract, but was unsuccessful. Signers were Jahleel Brenton, William Coddington, John Gardner, George Goulding, Daniel Updike, and John Wanton.
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