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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1748 June 30

£106,500 in engraved indented legal tender Bills of Credit authorized by the May 20, 1748 Act and issued to exchange for all outstanding bills of prior issues. Denominations of £1 and below are smaller than the higher denominations. Signers were William Bull, Jr., William Cattell, Jr., John Dart, Branfill Evance, David Hext, Isaac Mazyck, and William Pinckney. An attempt to establish a General Loan Office to secure an issue of bills pursuant to an Act of May 29, 1746 had been disapproved by England. The engraved copper plate for the £1 exists and the plate for the £10 may exist.

2s6d [30,000]
5s [30,000]
6s3d [15,000]
7s6d [15,000]
10s [12,509]
£1 Horse [12,508] ▷RP◁
£2 [3,000]
£5 Sheaf of wheat [2,350]   Fair $2,530 Stack’s May, 2004
£10 Deer [2,700] ▷RP◁   Fair $2,012 Stack’s May, 2004
£20 Lion on Crown [1,070]   Fair $1,725 Stack’s May, 2004

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