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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1775 June 1

£1,000,000 in engraved Certificates authorized by the Provincial Congress on June 14,1775 following a Resolution passed June 1, 1775 by the Commons House of Assembly. On Feb. 6,1776 the Provincial Congress increased the number of £50 certificates from 3,000 to 6,000 and correspondingly reduced the number of £5 certificates from 50,000 to 20,000. Only the £20 and £50 have decorative backs as specified by the Council of Safety on June 26, 1775, which backs were engraved by James Oliphant. Such backs contained the motto FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD and were also used on the June 10, 1775 issue. Printed on thin weak paper, some of which is watermarked. Signers were Peter Bacot, John Berwick, Edward Blake, William Bull, Jr., John Canard, John Colcock, Thomas Corbett, Gideon DuPont, Jr., John Edwards, John L. Gervais, William Gibbes, Robert Ladson, Aaron Loocock, John Loyas, Thomas Middleton, Jacob Motte, Alexander Moultrie, John Neufville, William Parker, Robert Parsons, R.A. Rapley, Thomas Savage, and Benjamin Waring. Six signers appear on each certificate.

£5 AUSPICIUM SALUTIS (An auspice of well-being). Splay of 12 arrows representing the United Colonies [20,000]
£10 ET DEUS IMNIPOTENS (And Almighty God). Hand holding sword [40,000]
£20 FIDES PUBLICA (Public trust). Clasped hands [10,000]
£50 POST TENEBRAS LUX (After the darkness light). Woman frightened by a storm and standing next to a tree [6,000]

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