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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1776 October 19 Ordinance

£130,000 ($80,000) in Bills of Credit authorized by the General Assembly on Oct. 19, 1776 to be legal tender at 32s6d in South Carolina currency for one Spanish milled Dollar. Engraved plates with emblems were used to print the faces with typeset backs, on thick brownish paper. Signers were John Berwick, Edward Blake, Peter Bocquet, Jr., John S. Dart, Benjamin Elliot, Richard Mercer, Philip Neyler, William Parker, William Scott, Jr., Keating Simons, Maurice Simons, and Anthony Toomer.

$1 (£1 12s6d) Palm tree. NUSQUAM SUB MOLE FATISCIT (Nowhere does it weaken under weight) [5,000]
$2 (£3 5s) Tree. SE SUSTULIT IPSA (It raises itself up) [2,500]
$4 (£6 10s) Elephant. INFESTUS TANTUM INFESTIS (Hostile only to the hostile) [2,500]
$6 (£9 15s) Wind and waves. TURBAT SED EXTOLLIT (It disturbs but it elevates) [2,500]
$8 (£13) Wind on rock. IMPAVIDE (Fearlessly) [2,500]
$10 (£16 5s) Drum and flags. TUTA PEDAMINE VIRTUS (Honor safe in its support) [2,500]

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