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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1777 (1776 December 23 Act)

$308,000 (£500, 500) in Bills of Credit authorized by the Act of Dec. 23, 1776. An additional $307,384 was approved if the equivalent sum could not be borrowed. It was not issued. (See issue under Feb. 14, 1777 Ordinance.) Printed with wood cut borders and emblems. Books by J. C. Weigels, Nicholas Verien, and Joachim Camerarius were the source of the emblems and mottoes. The backs were ornamented with Hebrew and Greek letters and other typeset insignia. Printed by Peter Timothy on thick brownish paper. The first $2 and $4 denominations contain a typesetter's error, whereby the date of the Act was printed as Dec. 23, 1777 instead of Dec. 23, 1776, but this error was corrected in brown ink on bills prior to being put into circulation. The balance of $2 and $4 bills were printed correctly. Signers were William Ancrum, Edward Blake, George Cooke, John Dart, James Fisher, William Gibbes, William Greenwood, Thomas Jones, Edward Lightwood, John McCall, William Parker, William Price, Nathaniel Russell, Peter Timothy, James Wakefield, Joshua Ward, John Webb, and Plowden Weston. Four signers are on all issued bills, but partially signed unissued remainders appear more often.

$1 (£1 12s6d) Tree. PER ARDUA SURGO (I rise through adversity). The m in Timothy is inverted [13,000]  ▷RM◁
$2 (£3 5s) Rooster. ET SOLI ET MARTI (For the Sun and for Mars) [10,000] ▷RM◁
$2 (£3 5s) Text on face is misdated December 23, 1777 ▷RM◁
$3 (£4 17s6d) Oracle. FATA VIAM INVENIENT (The fates will find a way) [10,000] ▷RM◁
$4 (£6 10s) Ship. THE ACTAEON. IRAM PRUDENTIA VINCIT (The Actaeon. Wisdom overcomes anger) [10,000] ▷RM◁
$4 (£6 10s) Text on face is misdated December 23, 1777 ▷RM◁
$5 (£8 2s6d) Horse. DOMINUM GENEROSA RECUSAT (The well born refuses a master) [5,000] ▷RM◁
$6 (£9 15s) Camel. NEC ONUS NEC META GRAVABIT (Neither burden nor danger will force me down) [10,000]
$8 (£13) Sailing ship. MULTORUM SPES (The hope of many) [10,000] ▷RM◁
$20 (£32 10s) Bull. AUT MORS AUT VICTORIA. (Either death or victory) [2,000] ▷RM◁

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