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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1779 February 8 Ordinance

$1,000,000 in Bills of Credit authorized by the Feb. 8, 1779 Ordinance with the right to issue $3,000,000 more if that sum could not be borrowed. The original $1,000,000 was to be in $40, $60, $80 and $100 denominations only. The denominations of the balance were not specified, but $50, $70, and $90 denominations were added. Faces and backs elaborately engraved by Thomas Coram of Charleston who engraved his name only on $50 and $100 denominations. Originally legal tender but legal tender status on this and all prior issues was revoked by the Act of Feb. 6, 1782. Printed on both white and bluish paper. Signers were Charles Atkins, Joseph Atkinson, James Bentham, John Blake, George Cooke, Arthur Downes, Theodore Gaillard, Jr., John Hopton, Alexander Inglis, William Morgan, Philip Prioleau, John Scott, John Smyth, Edward Trescot, Plowden Weston, Sims White, and Robert Williams.

$40 (£65) Ceres. MINIME VIOLANDA FIDES (Trust by no means is to be violated). Angel blowing trumpet and holding book entitled ANNALS OF AMERICA [2,000]
$50 (£81 5s) Providence and globe. PROVIDENTIA NOSTRIS PRAESIDEAT (Let foresight guide us). Atlas holding a boulder (Signed by Coram)
$60 (£97 10s) Figure and cornucopia. MUTUA DEFENSIO TUTISSIMA (Mutual defense is safest). Lyre, horns and flags (15,000)
$70 (£113 15s) Hope with anchor. SPES MENTIS SOLATIO (Hope is the consolation of the mind). Prometheus bound and attacked by vulture (Signed by Coram)
$80 (£130) Man with sword. CONSTANTIA DURISSIMA VINCIT (The firmest constancy will conquer). Shield, LIBERTY on cap, etc. [4,000]
$90 (£146 5s) Warrior. ARMISA CONCURRITE CAMPO (Assemble the field of arms). Hercules strangling a lion. After some bills were printed, the back engraving plate was strengthened and a small “No” was added on the ribbon almost under the D of DOLLARS and followed by one to four of numeral 1's.
$100 (£162 10s) Athena. GLORIAE FUNDAMENTUM FORTITUDO (Bravery is the foundation of glory). Palmetto, drum, flags, etc. [3,000]

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