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Early Paper Money of America / South Carolina / 1789 July 6 (City of Charleston)

£4,525 sterling in City of Charleston Treasury Notes to redeem worn and mutilated city issues was approved by Ordinance of July 6, 1789. Engraved by Abernethie and receivable in all payments due the city. Repealed on October 9, 1793. Signers were S. Beach, L. Foster, James O'Hear, and C. Warham. Bills of 1s3d and over to be signed by two commissioners and others by one.

Gerry Tebben notes "The engraver listed just as Abernethie on the Ga. 10/16/1786 and City of Charleston 1786 and 1789 issues is likely THOMAS Abernethie, a Charleston copper-plate engraver and printer who died in 1795. He had two small claims to fame, engraving the first road map in North America and the maps for David Ramsay’s 1785 The History Of The Revolution Of South-Carolina, From A British Province To An Independent State, arguably the first book copyrighted in the United States. Ramsay, who lost  money on his History, blamed it on high production costs, especially the $800 he paid for the engravings."

6d Beehive [12,000]
9d Alligator [12,000]
1s [12,000]
1s3d Tobacco and coil of hemp rope. TREASUSY misspelled [12,000]  ▷RM◁ 
1s6d [10,000]
2s Lighthouse [6,000]
2s6d Cotton plant [6,000]

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