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Early Paper Money of America / Virginia / 1757 June 8 Act

£179,962 10s (£80,000 for expenses and £99,962 10s to exchange for the two prior emissions) in legal tender Treasury Notes were issued without interest redeemable by Mar. 1, 1765. An additional issue of £32,000 was approved at the May 1758 Session. The redemption was extended to Oct. 20, 1769 at the Nov. 1761 Session. Ornamented cast borders surrounding typeset text and a small cast cut of the Colony Arms in the upper left or upper right. The motto on the Arms is EN DAT VIRGINIA QUARTAM (Behold Virginia contributes one quarter of the strength). Printed on thin laid paper by William Hunter. Signers were Philip Johnson, Robert Carter Nicholas, Edmund Pendleton, John Randolph, Peyton Randolph, and Benjamin Waller. One signer appears for the four lowest denominations and two for the others.

1s [33,000+]  ▷CF◁ Good $2,300 Stack’s May 2004
1s3d [33,000+]
2s6d [30,000+]   Fair $690 Stack’s Jan. 2005
5s [30,000+]   Fair $977 Stack’s Jan. 2005
10s [30,000+]   Fair $1,092 Stack’s Jan. 2005 
20s [30,000+]   ▷CF◁ Good $977 Stack’s May 2004
£2 [6,000+]
£3 [6,000+]     ▷CF◁
£5 [6,000+]
£10 [6,000+]

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