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Early Paper Money of America / Virginia / 1778 October 5 Act

£510,000 ($1,700,000) in Treasury Bills without legal tender status and redeemable by Dec. 1, 1785 were approved by the Oct. 5, 1778 Act. By an Act passed at the Mar. 1781 Session this issue was given legal tender status. Printed on thin laid paper. The denominations of $15 and below are similar to the May 4, 1778 printed date issue and have the same cuts. The two-letter control system was reused on those denominations, the control letters being typeset as well as the date. The two highest denominations are very large indented typeset bills. Signers were Edward Archer, Jonathan Boush, Bolling Stark, L. Wood, and James Wray. One signer appears on five lowest denominations and two signers on the others. The denominations of $1/6 through $1 and those of $3 through $15 were printed with two of each denomination on each sheet. A half sheet of five denominations was referred to as a "Slip". One $50 denomination and one $100 denomination were printed on each sheet. Both A. Purdie and Clarkson & David printed the Bills. Reprints were from a form seized at Richmond during the Civil War.

$1/6 [6,140]
$1/4 [6,140]
$1/3 [6,140] ▷RP◁
$2/3 [6,140]
$1 [6,140]
$3 [6,140]
$5 [6,140] ▷CF◁
$7 [6,140]
$10 [6,140]
$15 [6,140]
$50 (£15) [9,597]
$100 (£30 [9,597]

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