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Early Paper Money of America / Connecticut / 1799 Hartford & New Haven Turnpike

The Hartford & New Haven Turnpike was authorized by the General Assembly in October 1798 and opened in the following year. Its scrip for passage tickets was engraved by Amos Doolittle of New Haven and printed both in black and in blue on thick paper furnished by the Hudson and Goodwin Company. Signed by James Hillhouse, president, and later by H. Baldwin, president. The unusual use of mills in a denomination was a result of the enthusiasm for the decimal system adopted by the United States and used in monetary conversion tables published after United States coinage commenced in 1793. The use of mills in a denomination was abandoned as impractical after sufficient amounts of U.S. half cents were in circulation.

5 mills Sheep and pig ▷RM◁
Horse, cow and donkey ▷RM◁
Horse and rider ▷RM◁
6¢ 3 mills One horse sleigh ▷RM◁
12¢ 5 mills Two two-wheeled vehicles ▷RM◁
25¢ Four-wheeled coach ▷RM◁

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