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Early Paper Money of America / Delaware / 1776 January 1

£30,000 in Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the Sept. 2, 1775 Act for 16 year mortgage loans, but to be redeemable on Jan. 1, 1788. Four different border cuts were on each denomination. English Arms are turned sideways on the six lowest denominations. Cuts of a sheaf of wheat are on the backs. Otherwise typeset. Not indented even though bills so state. Cuts engraved by James Adams who also printed the bills. Adams had previously worked for Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. The thick paper containing blue thread and mica flakes is the same paper used for Continental Currency. The numbering of this issue was continuous on the sheets and disregarded denominations. Signers were Thomas Collins, Boaz Manlove, John McKinly, and James Sykes.

1s         [12,000]
18d         [12,000]
2s6d [12,000]
4s         [12,000]
5s         [12,000]
6s         [12,000]
10s         [12,000]
20s         [12,000]
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