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Early Paper Money of America / Connecticut / 1733 July 10 redated May 1740 on the face and July 8, 1740 on the back

£15,000 in Old Tenor legal tender Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the July 1740 Act because New Tenor bills were still delayed in preparation. £5,000 were to be exchanged for torn bills and £10,000 were for Colony expenses. The same faceplate was used without further modification as in the prior issue and its wear is noticeable from its poor impressions. Typeset date is in the text on the back. The back text continued to anticipate the quartering of bills as theretofore. Printed by Timothy Green. Signers were William Pitkin, Nathaniel Stanly, Joseph Tallcott and George Wyllys. By the November 1740 Act, the legal tender status was voided pursuant to imminent legislation by the Crown prohibiting any legal tender.

10s Lamb [1,765]
20s Deer [1,765]
40s Horse [1,765]
£5  Lion [1,765]

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