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Early Paper Money of America / Georgia / 1762

£7,410 sterling in legal tender Bills of Credit authorized by the May 1, 1760 Act and approved by the Crown on July 2, 1761. The £4,400 of the 1755 issue remaining in circulation was called for exchange by Feb. 17, 1762. Worn bills were to be replaced at the rate of £200 per year. The life of the General Loan Authority was first renewed to 1769 and later to 1776 along with £6,500 of the currency. By the Sept. 16, 1777 Act the General Loan Authority was liquidated. Bills of 2s6d and under are typeset in an ornamented rectangular denomination box. Bills of 2s and under are small in size and undated. Engraved plates for the 1755 issue were modified by changing the date in the text and in the vignette to 1762 and reused for large bills. 

Other bills dated 1762 are typeset with vignettes on the 5s and over. Signers were Francis Harris, Clement Martin, James E. Powell, James Read, Edmund Tannatt, Alexander Wylly, and Henry Yonge. There were three signers on bills of 2s and under, and four signers on bills up through 3s6d and five signers for 5s and over.

5s Bee. Engraved
5s Native American. Typeset (see 1775 Georgia £5 and May 20, 1717 redated 1729 New Hampshire £4 for images of similarly dressed Native American with lighter skin and bow and arrows).
10s Bush and sickle.
10s Ship. Typeset
20s Woman operating thread winder.
20s Horse. Typeset. Printed in red and black
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