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Early Paper Money of America / Georgia / 1769 Lighthouse Certificates

£2,200 sterling in red and black typeset Certificates were authorized by the Dec. 24, 1768 Act for rebuilding the lighthouse on Tybee Island. These were receivable for taxes until May 1, 1772 and invalid thereafter. At the base of the note the comical counterfeiting warning is upside down; the words reading from right to left as in Hebrew, etc.; the words are in both English and Latin; and the word order is scrambled. Reconstructed, the warning reads: TO COUNTERFEIT IS DEATH WITHOUT BENEFIT OF CLERGY VIDE ACT (see Act). Paper watermarked with Coat of Arms. Signers were Grey Elliott, Noble Jones, Noble Wimberly Jones, John Milledge, and John Smith.

£1 Lighthouse. Written "9" in date

£1 Lighthouse. Printed "9" in date ▷RM◁  Extremely Fine $7,187 Stack’s May, 2004

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