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Early Paper Money of America / Maryland / 1756 July 14

£30,000 Sterling in legal tender Bills authorized by the May 15, 1756 Act which also permitted £10,000 in bills of prior issues to be put back into circulation. Three cast borders, two vignettes, and set type on the face. A different nature print on the back of each denomination, some showing the initials I.G. (Jonas Green) in large letters of punched dots within the print. Denominations in Pounds and in Crowns were added to some denominations. Printed by Jonas Green of Annapolis who was required to turn over the “stamps and flowers” to the Loan Office Commissioners for safe keeping. The same cuts and nature prints were reused for the 1767, 1770 and 1774 issues. Signers were John Bullen, Charles Hamond, and George Steuart.

6d [10,000]
1s [10,000]
ls6d [10,000]
2s [10,000]
2s6d [12,000]
5s [12,000] ▷CF◁
10s [12,000]
15s [12,000]
20s [12,000]
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